The first serious photographs I took were in 2012 on a trip to South Dakota, using one of those original Nokia Lumia phones. For some reason, although I took the pictures just out of fun, I also cared a lot about composing images that were true to the moment. Since then, I’ve moved on to an iPhone, then to a Sony point-and-shoot camera, and now to a Nikon DSLR. But even now, the reason I’m into photography hasn’t changed. It adds a layer of fun to all my experiences, with new perspectives always to discover.

The most common question I always get is, “What kind of pictures do you like to take?” Frankly, I love all types of photography — urban, street, landscape, portraits, professional, etc. — and I hope that this portfolio will show that. Eventually, I realized that I enjoy all these because I appreciate one thing which ties them all together: story. Put simply, I believe the best photos are the ones that tell the best stories. Storytelling in photography allows people like myself to share messages or moments to the viewer in a way that more superficial photos couldn't. And good stories can be told through a variety of ways, whether it’s a facial expression, or a large and impressive background, or even some inanimate object.

Over the past year or so, I've done more professional work with photography, taking graduation pictures, senior portraits, professional headshots, and other freelance work (you might recognize Grammy Nominee H.E.R. in some photos). If you like any of the photos here, please feel free to reach out to me using the social media links below or via email. I’m always looking for any excuse to pick up the camera. You can also see hundreds more of my photos on my VSCO page!
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